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Big Sister Anita's Story

by Anita ( Big-Sister and Board President)

When Rhea was in grade school her Dad decided that she needed a woman's influence in her life because her Mom lived in South Carolina. He called Rhonda Rogers about the "Matching" program offered by Big Brothers-Big Sisters.

Rhea was nine when she and Anita first met. They went for a walk along the green for their first outing and played on the swing sets. Every year on the anniversary of their first meeting they retrace their steps along the green and the wharf to mark the first time they spent together as Big and Little. Over the years they have enjoyed skating, hiking, music, crafts, tennis, photography, travel, sleep-overs, playing board games and eating ice cream. Rhea and Anita liked to cook together and to entertain friends. Anita attended many of Rhea's school concerts and was invited to attend her high school graduation.

When Rhea turned 16, Anita's official commitment to her as "Big Sister" ended. However, they have remained in contact over the years and will be lifelong friends. Anita is a Big part of Rhea's daughters life as well. Anita is currently the President of our local Board of Directors and Rhea is the President of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John.

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